Grass Snake (Natrix natrix)

  von H. P. Eckstein

In 1986 the grass snake project was launched in Wuppertal. In a defined study area, data are taken about catch/re-catch, morphology,
biometry and ecology. Furthermore, data about locations and other information are collected (e.g. egg disposition places, hibernation
places of the grass snake).

Project (c) Hans Peter Eckstein

Pictures of grass snake and clutches

Short information

Nutrition  of the grass snake

Behaviour of the grass snake

Information about egg deposition places

Dangers for the grass snake

Distribution of the grass snake (Natrix natrix) in Wuppertal (map).


Local snakes (Photos and short info smooth snake / adder)

Local lizards (Photos sand- and viviparous lizard / slow worm)


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               grass snake / dice snake / viperine snake

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