Distribution map of the grass snake (Natrix natrix) in Wuppertal 

(c) Hans Peter Eckstein

Copyright by H.P. Eckstein

RED              Populated area
GREEN         Forest
GREY           Areas over 200 m NN

Due to the intense update during the last mapping period (survey with foresters, initiatives BUND-programme and information via internet) there are many new spots on the map. Naturally, the grass snake might have lived there before, but these smaller numbers and individual findings have not been registered.

Bearbeitungsstand: 25.06.2000                   Bearbeiter: Eckstein

Last Update 13.01.2001


Kartierer und Informanten

Bernhard Dreiner, Hans Peter Eckstein, Arno Geiger, Sabine Günther-Eckstein,  Manfred  Henf (Mettmann), Ralf Hesse, Jörg Klimas, Thomas Kordes (Hattingen), Holger Meinig (Werther), Bernd Memen, Jürgen Pähler, Joachim Pastors, Karin Ricono, Frank Stiller, Klaus Tamm,  Benny Trapp, Guido Weber (Bochum), Horst Urbanski